Frequently asked questions

Summer Program 2021

How old must I be to take part in the program?

The Summer School is open to the following age groups:

From 13 to 24 years of age as of 2021, July 1st.

However we also consider the application of students who are slightly younger or older depending on their technical level and experience.

How can I apply?

The application has to be made via our website:

  • https://www.brusselsintballet.org/summer-intensive-2021

  • No paper or email applications will be considered. Email application will be considered only in case of the applicant is experiencing technical issues during the online application procedure.

  • Please follow each step of the application procedure and do not forget any part of the supporting documentation. Upload all the photos including your ID Photo.

  • Incomplete or non-compliant applications will not be considered.

When is the deadline to submit my application?

Applications are open until 30th of April 2021 at 11.55pm (GMT+1).

Must I comply with the weight and height criteria?

No; the Summer Program and the year round Professional Training Program are two independent events. The Summer Program is a specialized professional training and it is possible to be accepted even if one does not comply with the physical criteria. However, dancers are required to follow a healthy lifestyle.

How many times can I apply?

It is possible to apply as many years as you want; there are no limits, even if you have failed the selection process in the past years.

I took part in previous editions of the Summer Program, must I send new video/pictures with my new application?

Yes, students from previous years must apply as all new applicants.

I am not able to attend the full 2 weeks course, only 1 week, 1 and a half, etc.

This is not possible. We only accept students who are willing to attend the full 2 weeks program as you will be participating to the final Summer Production on Friday 6th of August 2021

What are the picture requirements?

Applicants must be wearing dance clothing in the required positions as described on the website .Pictures must be of good quality and taken in a studio. Please note that selfies are not allowed. You also find the requirements here.

Dance Clothing

During the Summer Program you can wear the danse clothing you want basically.

For the “Ballet In Brussels” Summer presentation, each guest teacher will provide the clothes that are required. You will also be able to order clothing directly from our partner, Absoludance with a discount code that will be communicated to you. Clothes will be then delivered at the school.

How do I apply for accommodation?

Please tick the corresponding box on the application form and do not forget to fill the correct amount on the second page.
If you do not tick the box, but you will ask for a room later, you will join a waiting list.

How do you allocate the rooms in the dorm?

Priority is given to the first students who apply and pay the deposit. The final payment will guarantee your room. There are individual rooms for the majority of the students. As we have limited availability on individual rooms, should we reach the full capacity, sharing rooms are up to 4 are availbale (for students over 18 years old).

How is the dorm monitored?

There are always Staff members at the dorm who will be taking care of all the residents. No exit is authorized for students under 16 years old other than for school commitments. You will receive an exit authorization that must be signed by the parents for exit for students under 16 years old, but you must be accompanied by a major person and must return to the dorm before 22.00 (10pm). The dorm will close for the night at 22.00, so all residential students must return before 22.00. This rule applies to all residential students without exception. All the specific rules of the dorms are communicated in the portfolio document, this must be signed by Parents and Students.

Is the dorm far form the school?

The dormitory is at 5 min walk from School. Students travel the short walk together from the school to the dorimtory and from the dormitory to the school.

Are my parents allowed to come into the dorm?

It is strictly forbidden for parents to visit the dorm during the Summer Program. Parents are welcome during the students arrival and during the final day for the preparation of vacating the dorm.

Can I bring my own lunch as a non residential student?

No. Lunch is included in the non residentials fees as well. All students are having lunch together at the dorm.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

You have to mention that you have dietary requirements and give us the list of foods you cannot eat. We will take care of it and you will have your specific lunch and diner. It is applied for both non-residential and residential students.

What are the requirements of auditioning for the Professional Training Program during the Summer Program?

During the Summer Program we give you the opportunity to audition to the year round Professional Training Program 2021/2022. If you have selected this option on your application form of the Summer Program, it means that in case you are accepted, you and your parents have to bare in mind that you might have to be in Brussels as of September 2021 to start the season. Please read carefully the conditions of acceptation and financial implications in the Professional Training Program section.

The jury for the audition is composed of Mr Anderson Santana - founder and Artistic Director, and of several teachers of the Brussels International Ballet.

What information the insurance certificate must contain?

The certificate must state that the child is covered in case he/she has an accident or an accident caused by him/her. Students are also responsible for any equipment damage they cause on our premises.

I cannot send an insurance certificate if I am not sure my child will be accepted, what should I do?

Please send, instead of the insurance certificate, a signed statement indicating that you will send the certificate after your child’s acceptance.

What information must be written on the medical certificate?

The medical certificate must be signed by a doctor, and must state that the child is fit to attend intensive ballet classes. The certificate must be signed and dated no earlier than 1st of May 2021.

What information must be written on the "description of training"?

This document must list the schools attended by the applicant, and if she/he attends a recreational or a professional programme. It must also indicate other intensives programmes, competitions, noteworthy performances and masterclasses (document shouldn't be no longer than 1 page)

Can I provide my child with non prescription medication e.g. paracetamol?

It is forbidden to bring medicines at the School, we also strongly advise against self-medication.

For preventive purposes, we provide a prescription model with the other documents to fill in and send back during final registration. It must be filled in by the students’ general practitioner. Without this prescription our nurse will not be in a position to give any medicine if needed.
Only the medicines that correspond to a specific treatment (asthma for example) are allowed and must be justified by a prescription.

What are the accepted file formats?

  • For the video: .avi, .mov, .mp4 and should not exceed 2GB
  • For the pictures: .jpg, .png
  • For the written documents: .pdf
Scanned copies of written documents are accepted.

Should I have the written documents translated?

The documents in languages using other characters than Latin ones (for example, Japanese, Chinese, Russian or Hebrew) must be translated into French or English by a professional translator.

How do I pay for the Summer Program?

The tuition fees must be sent after you have confirmed your child’s participation in case of admission. You will receive more information about payment in the acceptance letter.

After the admission, the deposit will be asked to be paid 1 week after the acceptance. The deposit is not an additional fee, it will be deducted from your total fee. The deposit is not refundable.

Are there any scholarships or financial support available for the Summer Program?

Please note that we don’t offer full scholarships for the Summer Program.

How will I know my child’s schedule?

You will receive a complete schedule by level a few weeks before the beginning of the Summer program, but detailed schedule will be given on the first day of the Summer Program. The list of the classes by level will be available on our website as well. This list is subject to change, the Brussels International Ballet reserves the right to amend the programme at any time.

Does the Summer Program schedule include time for private auditioning for the Professional Training Program?

Students who have selected this option and would like to apply for the Professionnal Training Program will receive a number that they will be wearing during the Summer Program. This allows the teachers to recognise and monitor those who wish to be considered for the Professional Training Program. This will be treated as the audition process. Acceptances will be communicated by the Director at the end of the Gala presentation.

I encountered a technical problem which prevented me from applying on time, what can I do?

Please contact the Summer Program office as soon as possible by email:


Would it be possible to receive a feedback on the audition video or submission if I am not selected for the Summer?

Unfortunately, we cannot give any feedback about the reason why you are not selected.

Who can I contact if I need specific information?

Always email us: summer@brusselsintballet.org